Body Contouring

Our amazing Body Contouring machine uses 4 stages to contour the body:

  • LED Light Therapy
  • UltraSonic Cavitation
  • Radio Frequency
  • Vacuum Suction

The combination of all 4 stages cause the fat cells to burst, making the liquidised fat run into the bloodstream, we either move the liquidised fat by pushing it to the nearest lymph node for the body to drain through the lymphatic system, or we push them to a different area in order to gain a desired results.

This could be from the back of the legs into the bum area for a more rounded and lifted appearance. Alternatively, this could be working on stubborn pockets of fat or working on a larger surface area such as the stomach where the fat cells can be melted to create a contoured and flatter appearance.

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The 4 Stages

LED Light Therapy

Emits low levels of laser energy to create chemical signals to the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids. This speeds up the cell production making the skin regenerate faster resulting in more youthful, fresher looking skin.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Provides a non-invasive method using ultrasonic waves to break down stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear no matter how good your diet is or how much you exercise.

Radio Frequency

Stimulates our natural renewal system of collagen resulting in smoother tighter and younger looking skin visibly after your very first treatment. This stage is particularly good for cellulite and sagging skin.

Vacuum Suction

The final stage is vacuum suction which causes stimulation of the underlying structure and is aimed to provide blood flow and lymphatic circulation.


Stomach, Bum, Thighs, Arms, Back


60-90 mins


Healing approx 1 week

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?
We advise all our clients to have a complimentary consultation with our body specialist, so they can assess the area and advise how many sessions would be needed. We do offer package prices for 6-8 sessions.
What should I eat after my sessions?
To ensure you are achieving the best results, it’s important to drink plenty of water and fuel your body with nutritious food whilst maintaining a healthy diet.
Can I exercise while having Body Sculpting?
Yes, exercise will help you to achieve optimum results.
What is the cost of Body Sculpting?

60 minute Body Sculpting (Tummy/Back) – £100

90 minute Body Sculpting (BBBL, Thighs) – £110

Please contact us for package prices

Client Reviews

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Wouldn’t go anywhere else but Inside Aesthetics! India is lovely and always puts me at ease when doing my lips. Everyone that works their is lovely. Thank you so much!

Ellie Dosad


Easy to book and friendly service. Very easy to find using the satnav and the link they send in the confirmation. I’ll be booking more treatments.

Helana Barnes


Staff is very kind and do the best for the costumers. Im very happy and really looking for my next appointment. Personal opinion I really recommend. X

Cecilia Kay


India is very professional and I love her work. Gorgeous clinic with modern and plush vibes. India and the team are all friendly and kind. Complimentary drink is a nice touch and the whole experience is luxury x

Claire Smith


I trust India with my face! That’s a big thing she’s patient, kind, knowledgeable and friendly everything I need thank u always.

Jane Tulétt


Can highly recommend Inside Aesthetics. Totally professional and very knowledgeable. Staff friendly and very helpful. I will be returning.

Marcia Moore


Great experience getting Gym4Face. Seamless check in, super relaxing and informative and love the results.

Chris Gibson


Beautiful clinic. Had my first hydrafacial which was amazing, very relaxing but also could tell it was working, will definitely be returning for more treatments.

Kayley Squirrell

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