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Lip Fillers are a quick, safe, effective, non-surgical treatment with minimal downtime and pain. Lip Fillers can boost volume, create a better shape and correct some signs of ageing in minutes. Using hyaluronic acid, lip fillers can improve your confidence, making your facial features look in proportion and creating symmetry.

Whether you’re looking to restore your lips to their former natural beauty or want to help droopy corners or smoker’s lines. Alternatively, create more volume with the perfect pout, lip fillers are an excellent cost-effective solution.

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Treatment details


Overall volume of lips


15-30 minutes


Little to none

Treatment details


Overall volume of lips


15-30 minutes


Little to none

What Are Lip Fillers?

Our signature lip filler treatment involves micro injections to the lips to hydrate, plump, symmetrise and revitalise to help reduce the signs of aging, enhance the lip contour and define the shape.

At Inside Aesthetics we opt for natural, volume enhancements to add fullness to thinner lips, adjust the proportions of asymmetry and help upturn drooping corners of the mouth giving a youthful appearance.

Our signature technique ensures the lips are flatter to the face giving a natural profile. We listen carefully to our clients to ensure we achieve your desired and unique results. With lip filler you see instant results meaning we can add a little more volume if required.

How To Choose A Reputable Clinic For Your Lip Filler

Unfortunately, the aesthetics industry is not nearly regulated enough. So what should you look for in a clinic or aesthetic practitioner? How can you make sure that you’re choosing a reputable aesthetic practitioner who will give you the result you want?


Look for someone who is fully qualified. They should be able to tell you where they trained and produce certificates to verify their qualifications.


Experienced aesthetic practitioners who have been practicing and perfecting their skills for several years. They will know safe, up-to-date techniques to ensure the most desirable, symmetrical and beautiful lips.

Examples of Their Work

A skilled aesthetic practitioner will be happy to showcase their work and provide you with examples. Do not be afraid to ask for before and after photos.

Honest Consultations

A good aesthetic practitioner will have a full consultation with their clients before treatment. They’ll ask you questions about medical history, what desired look you are trying to achieve with the fillers, risks and aftercare, cost of the treatment etc. This will enable you to make an informed decision.
Here at Inside Aesthetics, our fully-trained and highly experienced aesthetics practitioners, doctors & aestheticians have years of experience to help clients achieve desired results in a safe manner and feel fully informed about the treatment.

With over 9 years of experience, Aesthetics Clinic of the Year Finalist, a 5 star reputation from clients and plenty of before and after photos available, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands and can achieve excellent results, boosting your confidence.

If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable and professional clinic to help you achieve improved confidence get in touch.

Client Results


What is the procedure?

During your appointment, your practitioner will first apply numbing cream to your lips and wait for around 30 minutes for the anaesthetic to work. Once your lips are numb, your lips will be injected to help you achieve a perfect shape, increased volume and more defined cupid’s bow. The needle we use in lip fillers is extremely fine, making it as comfortable as possible for our patients. Your practitioner will also gently massage the lips to ensure that the lip filler is evenly spread.

Which hyalouronic acids can I choose from?

At Inside Aesthetics, we offer a range of hyaluronic acid lip fillers to choose from. We have Teosyal, Revolax and Stylage, all market leaders.

Is there any downtime?
Lip filler is a popular cosmetic treatment at our clinic and has minimal downtime. You may experience slight bruising after lip augmentation, but this is perfectly normal.
Can I have Russian Lip Technique?
Russian Lip Technique is becoming increasingly popular and derives from the ‘Russian Doll’, where they form a heart shape in the centre with a flatter, higher and natural appearance. It concentrates on the middle third of the lips. This creates height rather than width. This technique can help avoid filler migration. If you are looking to hav Russian Lip Technique you need to have virgin lips (therefore if you have previous lip filler it is advised to have this dissolved first and then two weeks later you can have your lips refilled using a Russian Lip Technique). Russian lips are not for everyone and face, lip shape and the age of the patient are key determinants of whether this is the right technique. Russian lips are just one technique. At Inside Aesthetics we offer different techniques to suit every client.

Russian lips cost the same as traditional lip filler methods. The price depends on the brand of filler and how much filler is used.

Where is the clinic?
The clinic is at 5 Magazine B, Ordnance Yard, Upnor Road, Lower Upnor, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4UY.

The village of Lower Upnor is approximately 2.5 miles from Rochester and 13 miles from Maidstone. Transport links are very good with fast train times from Strood (2 miles away) to St. Pancras International being approximately 34 minutes. By road the A289, M2 and A2 give direct access to London, the M25, M2 south and east towards Dover and Europe.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?
There has been a lot of negative press around lip fillers – from pouts that have been overfilled and unsafe substances being injected. However, despite the media drama, lip fillers are actually very safe.

When lip fillers are performed by a qualified and experienced aesthetics practitioner, the results are safe and can help improve self-confidence.

How long does it last?

Lip fillers should last 4 to 9 months, depending on the individual patient.

Can it been reversed?
Lip augmentation can be reversed by using an injection of hyalase, an enzyme that dissolves most types of lip filler.
How much is it?
Prices start at £140 an increases depending on the type of hyuloronic acid you choose and how much you have.
Am I suitable for lip filler?
Most clients are suitable for lip filler. If you are known to have an allergy or you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not have lip filler. This also applies if you have a cold sore. If you have any questions about your suitability, book a consultation and we can answer any questions you may have.
What Is the process of having Lip Fillers?
During your appointment, your practitioner will apply numbing cream to your lips and wait for around 30 minutes for the numbing to work. Once your lips are numb, hyaluronic acid will be injected to your lips to help achieve a perfect shape, increased volume and a more defined cupid’s bow.
The needle we use in our lip filler treatment is extremely fine, making it as comfortable as possible for our clients. Your practitioner will gently massage the lips to ensure that the lip filler is evenly spread. Nervous clients will be under the care of an advanced injector to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible.
All lip products used are non-permanent and biodegradable. They will last about 4-9 months.

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