Everything you need to know about Lip Fillers

Everything you need to know about Lip Fillers

May 22, 2023

Lip fillers can be a sensitive topic and one regularly discussed in the media. From the rise of overfilled pouts, the decisions of whether to have lip fillers can be a hard one to make. We have put together an informative ‘’everything you need to know about lip fillers’’ to shine a light on the most frequently asked questions to allow clients to make an informed decision.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are a gel-like substance that’s injected strategically to enhance volume to the lips, correct asymmetries and/or create a desired shape or fullness. Lip fillers use hyaluronic acid – that work by binding water molecules within the lips to create a plumper look.

How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers can last between 3-6 months depending on the individual client. Factors such as: lifestyle, exercise, alcohol, smoking and sun exposure can affect how long lip fillers last.

When having lip fillers, there is a healing process to be aware of. Lips are an extremely sensitive area therefore swelling and bruising can be common. It is important for clients to stay hydrated and refrain from drinking alcohol and exercise 24 hours after treatment. Gradually, after a few days the swelling will start to subside and your lips will appear softer and more natural, leaving you with a lovely result.

How much do lip fillers typically cost?
At Inside Aesthetics our lip filler prices start from £150.

Are lip fillers safe?

Lip fillers are a quick, safe, effective, non-surgical treatment with minimal downtime. Lip fillers should be administered by a highly experienced and qualified aesthetics practitioner. In minor cases, the area on and around the lips appears asymmetrical, bruised and swollen. These effects are only temporary and should begin to improve after a few months.

Are lip fillers painful?

At Inside Aesthetics we use strong numbing cream before treatment and our lip filler contains lidocaine to ensure the treatment is as comfortable as possible.

If you would like some further information or feel a little unsure/nervous about the treatment, at Inside Aesthetics we offer complimentary consultations to ensure you can make an informed decision about the treatment.

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