Excess sweating also known as hyperhidrosis can be caused by medical, pharmaceutical, or environmental factors. It can happen to people who have metabolic illnesses as well as those who are completely healthy.

When this issue starts to impact your quality of life, you will likely be searching for a more effective solution. For a more long-term treatment, we would recommend injectable treatments. At Inside Aesthetics we now offer hyperhidrosis treatments to help those who suffer from excessive sweating to regain their confidence.

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What causes Hyperhidrosis

The cause for the excess sweating is not always known making it difficult to treat, however, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis typically:
Sweat almost continuously, no matter what the weather or temperature is like
Need to change their clothes frequently throughout the day

Can seem anxious or even embarrassed by this problem

There are some natural remedies for Hyperhidrosis that may help improve some of the symptoms and these include:

Antiperspirants: Deodorants do not prevent perspiration, but antiperspirants sprays do. Aluminium chloride, which blocks sweat glands, is found in certain prescription antiperspirants.

Armpit shields: These are pads worn in the armpit to keep sweat out of the garments.

Clothing: synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, might exacerbate symptoms. It is preferable to wear loose clothes.

Combat Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can be a real cause of discomfort and embarrassment. Excessive sweating in the hands or feet, as well as wet stains on clothing, may make it difficult to work or enjoy recreational activities. You may become withdrawn or self-conscious as a result of your symptoms. Other people’s reactions may upset, irritate or frustrate you and so you should seek support to help cope with the condition. To tackle the symptoms head-on, a hyperhidrosis treatment could be the best solution for you.

When botulinum toxin is injected into the dermis, it temporarily stops sweat glands from generating sweat by blocking the nerves that feed them. The microdroplets are injected just on the surface of the skin. As a result, the sweat glands stop producing sweat. As a result, the sweat glands stop producing sweat.

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